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The Nottingham Castle Project Activity Plan

Activity plan

Our Activity Plan covers a five-year period, launching in 2017, merging with operational plans in 2020 and completing in 2022. It sets out everything we will do to engage people and communities with the project, site, heritage and the arts.

Consultation has been a central part of developing our Activity Plan to ensure it meets the needs of potential visitors and partners. Building this plan has been a collaborative process with input from the local community, schools, community groups and wider audiences.

It consists of 86 projects, each working with targeted groups to deliver specific outcomes. The projects fall under the following categories:

  • Building momentum and relaunching the Castle
  • Public activities post-launch
  • Community engagement and collaborative projects
  • Formal learning (16,000 schoolchildren visiting per year)
  • Volunteering (500 volunteer opportunities)
  • Training and skills development

The overarching aim of our Activity Plan is to overcome potential barriers to access and engagement. In order to achieve this the events and activities laid out in this plan will…

  • Celebrate creativity
  • Invite people to form and share opinions
  • Encourage people to get creative
  • Capture imaginations and inspire new ideas
  • Encourage discussion and debate
  • Connect people with collections

Build It!

Check out this time lapse from our Big Build with Warren Elsmore. It took 6 days, 14,000 visitors and 8 school groups to complete!

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